Who attends the MPower Conference?

Business Administrator

Gain insights from other organizational leaders who link technology and trends to maximize staff and administrative productivity. Redefine office processes you rely on to make your ministry staff more competent and efficient.

Additionally, learn the many reasons to have a strong culture of data for processing. When leaving MPower, you’ll have fresh ideas and solutions to ensure your ministry achieves its mission to reach out and transform.

Finance Manager

Learn how finance managers can use technology solutions to manage data and improve the overall financial picture of your ministry. Further your connection across the organization to collect data and insight through reports and lists. Plus, discover how to better assess operating health and return on investment.

Because your focus goes beyond managing a ministry's day-to-day financial operations, there are multiple MPower sessions tailored specifically to your unique needs.

Administrative/Communications Staff

Engage with instructors and other operation leaders to discuss solutions that are foundational for some, and more advanced for others, all with an impetus toward ministering to communities in love and hope.

Church administrative leaders handle a wide range of responsibilities from tracking people to working with financial tasks, overseeing organizations, managing data, HR, and communications. Improve levels of productivity as you support a variety of issues, reporting, and trends with hand-picked sessions at MPower.

IT Leaders

Today's IT leaders want to know and support the solutions a church needs, now and in the future. Sessions and discussions at MPower provide an opportunity to determine how technology solutions are presented and adopted to meet the needs of your staff and your ministry, all the while managing financial and people data for operational and outreach goals.

Church Leaders & Pastors

Discover solutions and enjoy sessions dedicated to helping church leaders and pastors leverage technology to increase engagement, generosity, and streamline processes. Children and youth pastors can gain insight on the best systems for child check-ins, background checks, and more.

Join the enlightening discussions at MPower as church leaders, pastors, and tech experts respond to impactful questions and address the changing landscape of church leadership.

What You Can Expect

Are you searching for more productivity, significant growth, and solutions that provide security and operational agility? Or, for ways to perform management tasks that give your organization an advantage in office processes? MPower User Conference aims to help you find all of that (and then some)!

MPower provides insight and strategies to help your ministry prosper with Ministry Brands' software tools. This conference seeks to provide opportunities to improve the overall function of a church through learning opportunities, coupled with a strong measure of inspiration and sharing ideas with others.

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Why Attend?

With these companies together, MPower stands as the leading ministry tech conference for church leadership professionals.

Keynotes, experts, and peers help you learn software skills and find solutions to advance your ministry goals.